I Think I Hate Nip/Tuck

Six words I never imagined I would say (OK, maybe never is exaggerating a bit).

The finale was a horrendous end to a horrendous season. So why did I continue watching you ask? I'm a glutton for punishment apparently. Part loyalty, part morbid fascination with the extreme lengths to which they will go to shock the audience.

I've been watching from day one - the continuous transformations of Sean, Christian, Julia, Matt, etc. Or in Christian's case, very little development. Just when you think he's cleaned up his act in attempt to redeem himself, he falls right back into his old habits. That whole high-end male gigolo storyline was just, ick.

The one thing I did like about this season was the Christian-Sean role reversal.
Dr. Troy was no longer the hot, go-to doc in town.

Let's recap the completely and utterly annoying happenings in the finale:

- Julia was shot in the face by Eden (why haven't they gotten rid of the little conniving skanky biyotch yet?), who claimed Julia had attempted suicide

- Julia awoke from a coma, only to have retrograde amnesia (How convenient)

- Matt fell for his half-sister (cause really, he doesn't have enough issues as is); then her mother showed up, reconnected with Christian during an alcohol-fueled pity session, and of course, slept with him. A slight positive - it looks like Julian McMahon finally got a tan on his pale behind.

- Pyschotic pseudo-agent Colleen pleaded with Sean to fix her self-inflicted wrist scars. Then she showed up on the set of "Hearts and Scalpels." Sean found the CAA agent/stuffed bear Bob in his closet (ewwwww - did we really need to see that again??). Then predictably, Colleen popped up in the surgery room of McNamara/Troy and stabbed Sean.

All I want to know is, WHAT THE $*#@?

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