The Writer's Strike: How It Affects YOUR Shows

The potentially good news is that the Writer's Guild and the studios will resume negotiation talks on Nov. 26th. Let's hope the studios come to their senses!

In the meantime, here are a few sources to keep track of the # of episodes of your favorite shows that are remaining to air. Among them:
The Futon Critic, USAToday, and Ausiello has a handy little Strike Chart.

The following is a night-by-night summary (as of 11/25/07) of what we could gather from the abovementioned sources:

Desperate Housewives - 3 remaining, with 2 airing on 11/25 and 12/2 and the third to air sometime in January
Family Guy - 1 ep remaining to air 11/25

Brothers & Sisters - 5 remaining; 2 airing through Dec., the remaining saved for January

Prison Break - 5 remaining; returns from hiatus on January 14th
Chuck - 4 more; 2 to air this year, 2 saved for next year
How I Met Your Mother - 2 more, finishing on 12/10
Heroes - 2 remaining, concludes on 12/3
Journeyman - possibly 2

Bones - 4 remaining; one to air 11/27, with the rest for next year possibly
House - 4 left as well; one airing 11/27, remaining 3 saved for mid-January to early February
Reaper - 2 more; "One Tree Hill" will takeover the timeslot (grrrrr) beginning Jan. 8th; Reaper returns 'sometime' later in the year
Cane - 2 more

Pushing Daisies - 2 remaining to air 11/28 and 12/12
Private Practice - 2 more, one on 12/5, unsure of airdate for last one
Gossip Girl - 5 more to air 11/28, 12/5, and rest possibly saved for the new year
Dirty Sexy Money - 3 more; 2 to air this year, last one saved for later?
Life - 3 remaining, airing 11/28 and then a two-parter on 12/3 and 12/5

Ugly Betty - 4 remaining
My Name is Earl - 3 left; wraps up on 12/13
Smallville - 7 remaining (which from the looks of it, they're saving for '08
Supernatural - 3 to 5 remaining, probably being saved for '08 as well
Scrubs - 7 left
Grey's Anatomy - 2 remaining
Big Shots - possibly 2, couldn't find much info
ER - 5 remaining

Men in Trees - 13 remaining (thank goodness!)
Moonlight - not sure

* Note - these are just the shows that the two of us watch. If you don't see one of your shows on this list, please check the links given at the top of the post.

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