Heroes Chapter 8: "Four Months Ago"

Call it exhaustion from catching up on the gazillion shows I watch or just sheer laziness, this week’s “Heroes” post will not be a full recap. Instead, I’m just going to rave about everything I loved and rant about the things that annoyed. Luckily, last night’s ep was freakin awesome.

One of the things that I love about this show is that they actually give us answers! We finally found out: how Peter ended up in Ireland with amnesia, how Nathan survived and why he still sees his charred mug in the mirror, how D.L. really died (I’ll gripe about that later), and how the twins discovered their powers.

If you couldn’t already tell, I love lists. Lists and bullet points. Let’s get to the good stuff first:

- Kensei is Adam. Adam is Kensei? I’m still majorly confused about this, can anyone clarify? All I know is, I’m deliriously happy that they’ve integrated the character into the present day storyline. And partnering him with Peter is just icing on top of a man-candy cake.

- Props to the writers for their clever flashback method for this ep: Peter "healing" his head.

- Elle is deliciously evil. I loved that she made Peter her little plaything. She can do her “sadistic lightning thing” as long as she wants and keep those Heroes on their toes! Hey someone’s got to when Sylar disappears to hang with Captain Kirk.

- The Haitian has got some mad skills and it turns out, he’s a decent guy. Working his super power, he made a valiant effort to give Peter a new life. But we all knew that things would catch up with Peter eventually.

- We knew that Maya and Alejandro were on the run for murder, but damn, she offed the entire wedding party. Gotta say, didn’t feel all that bad for Alejandro’s new bride and her ex (who might look familiar to those of you willing to admit you watched “Passions.” Yes, the guilty pleasure supernatural soap opera. He played Miguel. I know I know, how hypocritical of me to rant on and on about how more people should watch quality shows while I myself admit to have watched “Passions.” On more than one occasion....over a number of years. I can’t explain it – the acting was horrible, the special effects lame, and all the incestuous hookups made for a cringe worthy, craptacular hour of afternoon television. And still I watched. Moving on...

The not-so-enjoyable:
- So Niki discovers yet another personality: Gina. Are you kidding me? Really? We're really going there again?!

We find out that D.L. did indeed survive the Kirby Plaza events of the finale. He’s gotten his life together by getting a real job (firefighting) and taking care of his son and supposedly on-her-meds wife. Of course “Gina” hauls ass to L.A. to get her party on. D.L. gets shot again (fatally this time) while trying to rescue his wife. RIP D.L. Sanders. Too bad you had a crackpot for a wife.

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