Fringe: Two Thumbs Up!

Is it just me or did the opening shot instantly bring to mind, Alias? I guess that shouldn't be too surprising, given that this is a JJ Abrams creation. The mystery case of the episode was both engrossing and well, just plain gross. An airborne toxin that causes the flesh to melt completely off your body. Ick.

The show has been described as Alias meets Lost meets the X-Files. It has many of the elements that made those shows cult hits: a kick-ass female lead, a smart-ass leading man (who of course has mad chemistry with said female, which will lead to all sorts of romantic tension and the will-they-or-won't-they debate, resulting in either happy or frustrated viewers), an eccentric genius, a mysterious boss who recruits the female lead into a secret organization, and lots of interesting, yet admittedly convulted mysteries. It also shares something directly with both Alias and Lost: musical scoring by Michael Giacchino. Mr. Giacchino's beautiful work adds to the scenes rather than distracts and really punctuates the tension.

While the pilot started a tad bit slow, it really picked up once Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) entered the picture. Oh Pacey, you've been away from my television MUCH too long!

Dr. Walter Bishop, sprung from the mental institution, proves to be instrumental in solving the case and saving the day. He also serves up some much needed comic relief.

"Oh! I just pissed myself. Just a squirt"

"Excellent. Let's make some

(chuckes)"This is a show for children? Suprisingly profound for
narrative about a sponge."

Anna Torv is an engaging lead - JJ sure knows how to pick 'em! I'm interested to see how her character develops over the season and I enjoy her exchanges with Joshua Jackson. We'll see how she measures up to Sydney Bristow.

Overall, the pilot was good enough to grab my undivided attention and earn a spot on my TV roster.

I give it:
- Set your season pass, beyotches!

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