And So My Summer Spiral of Shame Begins...

Just what did I find myself watching on Sunday night? None other than the "Big Brother" season premiere. What kick-started as a TV show swap deal with my friend, Reality Queen [I would watch a non-scripted show that she selected (BB) and she would catch up on a scripted show I selected (My Boys)] has now claimed a spot on my viewing schedule. I reluctantly watched BB season 8 last summer - all THREE weekly airings - and got completely sucked into it. I managed to avoid it during the strike-affected late fall/winter season, but somehow my unhealthy curiosity has drawn me to the BB housemates once more. Oy.

And the shame spiral does not end there folks. Alas, what did I follow up that hour with? "I Love Money" Yes, that I Love Money. The one with all the rejects from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York. What is wrong with me?

Although I've ranted on and on about how I hate reality shows, for some oddball reason, I'm ok with them if they're on cable. I've even found myself landing on The Next Design Star (HGTV), the Next Food Network Star, and What Not to Wear (TLC) while channel-surfing. Then again, I'll watch just about anything on the Food Network (who doesn't love Unwrapped or Ace of Cakes?)


Angie said...

My latest guilty pleasure - America's Best Dance Crew :-)

Jenn said...

You know, funny enough, I have also managed to find myself watching bits and pieces of that show as well.

I like Fanny Pak and the So Real Cru.